Studio 34


The associative and independent laboratory of La Clef

Noting the lack of work spaces for young emerging filmmakers and the increasing difficulty of making films, La Clef Revival launched its associative and independent laboratory: STUDIO 34.

This place, dedicated to all those who wish to make films, allows for the making, meeting and transmission of films between experienced professionals, film buffs, students and aspiring filmmakers.

STUDIO 34 defends another way of making films. It is a space of creation and learning within our associative model, where technical means, mutual aid and know-how are shared to the greatest number.
The Studio 34 is intended to be a great embassy of emerging creation.

This project is based on three poles:

  • The workshops, open to all, which offer initiations to sound, editing, image, writing, film development etc…

For the past year, the collective effervescence, the absence of hierarchy, the commitment and the diversity have been the strength of the Clef. From now on, Studio 34 will cultivate this richness by extending it to cinematographic creation.