La Clef Revival today

After we were evicted from La Clef, we put all of our efforts in a new battle : trying to buy the cinema ourselves, and reopen it. The entire collective mobilized to meet other alternative movie theaters and consolidate our takeover project, to work with architects on renovating the building, to raise funds…

But despite the considerable work involved, there was no question of giving up on what lies at the heart of our commitment: showcasing lesser-known films and facilitating access to cinema for all.

We were welcomed in dozens of allied venues to organize pay-what-you-can screenings, followed by discussions, debates, readings and concerts. We had carte blanche at festivals all over France and beyond, for example at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in London.
We defended the idea of culture as commons, and promoted a model of collective cinema management in many roundtables and associative meetings. We organized free open-air screenings, some in 16mm, to liven up Parisian summer nights.

And since September 2022, every Sunday we’ve been programming the ciné-club at DOC!, an artists’ squat that’s been a constant supporter of ours. Screenings are, as usual, open to all and pay-what-you-can. So if you’re in Paris, we’ll happily to see you there !

Upcoming screenings & past events

every sunday evening at DOC!
26 rue du Docteur Potain, 75019 Paris
pay-what-you-can tickets
cash-only bar
doors close at 11 p.m.