A huge collective effort, you can barely see!

The fight to reopen La Clef is a huge collective effort, which is not always visible!

Of course, there’s the collection of donations and the bank loan’s negotiation to finance the purchase of the cinema before the end of March – but that’s not all!

We turn the cinema projectors back on once a month, with the advice of our installers, to prevent them from breaking down while we wait to reopen!

With the help of architects, we are already preparing the renovation work, so that the screenings can resume as soon as possible.

We’re talking to a number of associations and societies to define the future functioning scheme of the cinema, its governance, its economic model…

With the support of thinkers in the field of user ownership and activist lawyers, we are looking at ways to guaranty La Clef’s independence and its public-interest character in the long term.

We continue to train each other, to welcome volunteers, to screen films every week at the DOC! – and we carry on, despite the obstacles, to make La Clef a place where people can share their knowledge and passion for cinema!