Brixton Community Cinema: La Clef Revival presents a surprise film (13th of June)

As part of the Brixton Community Cinema‘s festival (from the 9th of June to the 2nd of July 2023) the collective La Clef REvival is pleased to be invited to present a surprise film on the 13th of June, in the Atlantic Hall Cinema in London (UK).

Apart from the film’s precious subject and fragile people, this film reminds us of a true emotional moment in La Clef. We discovered the film at 6am, presented by Adèle Haenel and Gisèle Vienne, with two crowded screening rooms (180 people). After the film a long chat took place in the cinema’s common room where everyone had time to speek freely. Adèle was mostly listening. In our illegal and diverse cinema, she was feeling like at home, just like every one else.

She first appeared there a few days ago for a surprise (and memorable) debate with Céline Sciamma and Pauline Acquart after the film “Water Lilies » (first released in 2007).

Link to book a ticket (price: what you want)

The Brixton Community Cinema is a pop-up cinema, intended to bring affordable international and independent film to a community who, despite immense cultural contributions, face uneven access to arts institutions.

The cinema screens a range of films across genre and format which foreground subaltern voices and experiences, and showcase the breadth of experimental approaches to using film as a medium of expression and protest.

Operating in vacant spaces, on a pay-what-you-can basis, it aims to explore ways to minimise both the financial and non-financial barriers to cinema-going.

La Clef Revival started occupying the last associative and independent and historical cinema La Clef,  (in the Quartier Latin of Paris, France) to save it for real estate speculation. During two and a half years, the collective in charge offered rare and commercially unsucessfullyy films each night, for public screening at “pay as you want” price, with guests and debates. When eviction from the premises became obvious, an open-doors permanent festival has been organised, from 6a.m. to midnight where about 10,000 joyful spectators and filmmakers attended, until March 2022. Since then, the collective collects funds to buy the cinema and continue the adventure. We still need a few more coins to achieve the goal to re-open La Clef as an independent cinema, a solidarity innovative film lab and secure this part of cultural heritage for the future!